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How to Build a Gallery Wall

Posted on 18 October 2016

Creating a gallery wall with your favourite typography or art prints can instantly elevate the style of your space, whether it’s your office, living room, entry way, kitchen or kids spaces. There's nothing I love more in a home or office is a good gallery wall.

No.1: Pick Your Prints: This is the fun part. To keep it interesting. Choose your pieces from mixed media — typography prints, art prints, paintings, illustrations, photographs. Stick to a general color scheme and have a consistent color palette BUT don’t get too matchy matchy – bring in small hits of other colors. It will help make the arrangement visually cohesive.

No.2: Frames: The best gallery walls are ones that vary the frames sizes. You should look for frames in different widths, textures, styles and colours if you really want to mix it up, or one way to help make a collection look cohesive and still high-end is to keep frames in your color palette.





No.3: Lay it out: Vary the sizes and orientation of the art. The size of the art you choose makes a big difference. To create a collage gallery wall, mix different size art. If you have just lot’s of smaller pieces it may look messy. One larger piece a little bit off-center, will anchor the collection. If you don’t have one large piece, group two together for the illusion of a larger piece.

A good idea before you start to hang is to measure on the wall the amount of wall space you want to use, and then tape that off on the floor, and lay out your framed art. Arrange it like a puzzle to what you like best. Take a few photos for reference when hanging.



Start to Hang: It’s best to start by hanging the largest piece first a bit off centre - so that it doesn’t become the focal point. This larger piece will anchor the collection. Then start hanging all your other great pieces and build off of that.

Good luck with your gorgeous gallery wall.

Do you have any tips or tricks to add to the list?

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